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Does my Business Need a website - Undecided Businessman
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Does My Business Need A Website In 2022? I Have Strong Social Media!

Ask any expert, and they will tell you to seriously consider setting up a business website. But maybe when you look at your business journey, you have crossed milestones beyond your expectations. And you have made it this far without the help of a website. It is only natural to wonder whether investing in a

Website Redesign
Web Design

Website Redesign – Attract More Business

Website redesign has become a major part of a web designer’s daily work and with good reason. Software updates and improvements and SEO requirements change year on year necessitate updates to your website, but there are other considerations that may force a redesign. Businesses should evaluate their website regularly and assess whether it is still

Web Designers Meeting
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Web Design Clare

Professional Website Designer in Clare Web Design Clare. Accent Webs are a Web Design, Logo Design & SEO company building websites for people in Clare. Web Design Clare, Business websites are our speciality but we also offer Logo design & SEO. Access Web Design Galway are an active web design company in Galway City. We

Web Design Mayo
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Web Design Mayo

Web Design Mayo. Accent Webs are a Web Design, Logo Design & SEO company that has been building websites for people in Mayo for years. Web Design Mayo, Business websites are our speciality but we also offer Logo design & SEO. We Provide Mayo Web Design, Mayo Logo Design, Mayo Web Design for Mobiles, and

Evaluating Your Website
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Some Things to Consider When Evaluating Your Website

Have you Been Evaluating your Website Recently? How did it go? It is very likely that you have either put a lot of effort into your website or you have paid someone else a lot of money to put in the effort for you. Either way, whatever the purpose of the website, you want to

Website Maintenance
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Why Does My Business Need a Website Maintenance Contract?

What is a website maintenance contract? Basically it involves things like keeping plugins up to date, ensuring that the CMS code (usually WordPress) is up to date and patched to prevent future security issues, and the performance of regular tests to make sure the site continues to operate as intended. How often should you update

SEO Techniques
Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Guidelines to Help Improve Your Website’s Search Results Rank

SEO guidelines to help you help the search engines understand your page. The year 2020 has been tough on everyone across the globe, and numerous changes have come to the SEO world. Optimizing a website is a crucial step that can increase your Google ranking and traffic. There are several SEO techniques that you can

Reputation Management - Credability
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Good Advice for Small Businesses Online – Reputation Management

Good advice is scarce and often ignored. Small businesses cannot afford to ignore it when they are lucky enough to run across it. Yes, it’s a list of things small businesses should be doing and you can’t wait to read another list detailing the things you should be doing or worse, the things you’re doing

Web Designer - Responsive
Web Design

10 Reasons to Use a Web Designer

Anytime a company hires a new employee this represents a significant investment and there’s always an element of risk involved. It is a time-consuming and costly process of involving training, interviews, assessing salary and benefits packages, and much more.

Avoid Dodgy SEO Techniques
Search Engine Optimisation

SEO for Google: Assessing Provider Reliability for Increased Performance

SEO for Google is and at the same time isn’t a good idea. Google does not want people to optimise for search engines. They want us to optimise for users.To be fair, we should be doing that anyway. It is no good optimising for the search engines and having a huge bounce rate because your

Syndicating Articles
Search Engine Optimisation

Article Syndication

Article syndication is an important part of why some people continue article marketing (posting on article directories). Sure we can get backlinks and some traffic coming from publishing these articles, but we’ll almost always get just as much if not more traffic and link juice (depending on the sites involved) if and when our article

Web Design

Is Dreamweaver Necessary For Web Design?

Dreamweaver, once owned by Macromedia, has been in commercial use for over ten years now, and while other web design software has come and gone Dreamweaver’s development and popularity have continued.

Formulating an SEO Strategy
Search Engine Optimisation

SEO Strategy and Practices to Rank Your Website Better in 2022

The so-called “SEO game” (i.e. search engine optimisation) has long been described as a rapid-changing environment where almost everything continues to transform at a frenzied pace. Given this, the best SEO strategy of yesterday might not be the best anymore today. In fact, some practices and techniques that have optimized sites before could now damage