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What’s My IP Address

What's My IP Address?,

Your IP address is displayed above. But, what is an IP address?

In order to understand what it is, it would be good to first understand the whole idea of the internet. The internet can generally be described as a worldwide network consisting of unrelated computers. These computers can only communicate successfully if they agree to certain protocols or rules which are previously set.

The most basic tenant of the internet is the (IP) internet protocol address. It basically refers to a number given to each computer which is using the internet. This number is usually unique. This number is referred to as an address since it serves the purpose which the normal one serves for homes. It allows every machine using the internet to be easily located using a numerical plan.

Most people become familiar with this concept by getting the ISP (internet service provider). The internet service provider may either offer static or dynamic IP addresses to various users. The dynamic one changes with change in internet secession, while the static one remains permanently as it was assigned. Each and every internet service provider has a certain range of available addresses.

The dynamic addresses are automatically assigned to each computer during the login process. The addresses assigned will remain until the end of a connection. The connection may be disabled or intentionally ended. When a person logs in again, another address is given.

The addresses given to certain computers at a certain time can be traced back by contacting the ISP who will provide the log records. This mostly helps in a case where a certain computer was used to carry out some unlawful deeds. The law enforcers in this case must have access to the address, name, and any other information related to the customer who was assigned that particular address.

What's My IP AddressWebsites normally track visitors through the addresses they use so as to note the pages which are important to them. Identities can actually be linked to addresses during the registration process as well as when cookies comes into play. A cookie is in a position to tell who is using a computer even when the IP addresses are changed. One disadvantage is that the user may provide false information during registration. This may slow down the tracking process.

The internet might sound anonymous so far, but it is not when several factors are held constant. The addresses are actually the first as well as the last links to the end-user. When people want to surf anonymously, they hide their addresses. This is done by using websites which substitutes their own addresses for that of the user. The sites providing this kind of services act as intermediaries who keep addresses of the users hidden from the internet.

Another thing that you may wish to take note of, on What’s My IP Address, is its use in the law enforcement process. It allows the law enforcers to locate criminals more easily. That could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your point of view or your inclinations etc.