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Web Design Concepts in Today’s Competitive Market – 2021

Website Design: A marketing tool or a simple web presence?

Web Design Concepts. Is it correct to say that we live in the era of information and technology? The era of a ferocious battle between billions of companies worldwide trying to survive one of the most difficult financial moments the world has seen in a very long time? How many small and medium companies out there think about growth and how many just want to survive, waiting for the right moment for them to start to grow? These days, most companies don’t give any importance to very simple and affordable details that might make them stand out of the crowd.


Web Deign ElementsWhen you go and meet a potential client and you start talking about your business and your services and how you are so different from other companies like you, you probably will make a great impression. You are the only one who knows how to properly pitch what your company does. That is, if you’re a great salesperson. But this is just a tiny drop of water in a very big ocean. How about people you don’t meet? Wouldn’t you like them to know the same things about your business, without you physically being there to speak to them?

When a potential client, looking to hire your services, finds your website, based not on what you show on your website, but how you show it, they will call you or not. The first impression they have about you is everything. They say that it takes 11 positive impressions to change a negative one. Do you really want to risk losing clients just because you thought that a website is just a simple “thing” to have, to make you visible online?


If you decide to have a website designed for your business, the best thing to do is think of it as the best and the cheapest marketing tool there is out there. Do it right and your business will grow like you have never thought. Do it wrong and you will lose even the potential clients who might have heard good things about you.

The way you do your sales pitch is the same way you have to create your website concept. There are few steps you have to go through first.


  • what are your potential clients looking for
  • how much are they willing to pay for it
  • what are they expecting to achieve with your services
  • what kind of customer service they expect


Based on your research, offer all the answers to your online visitors, in the shortest time possible. For this to happen, you need a layout concept that would accommodate the right number of graphic elements to show all important information from your website, on your homepage. Decide what you want your website to do: you want to be an active blogging or marketing tool, you want to sell your products online or you need to showcase your work portfolio through photographs and videos.


Based on the purpose and the goal you want to achieve, start to create a list with all the functions you need your website to have. Allowing your visitors to actively interact with your website, will increase their attention and their interest. Therefore, allowing comments on your posts, having rating and feedback modules, sharing facilities and many more, will make your website become more attractive to your visitors. The longer they stay on it, more chances you’ll have to get a call and make a sale.


Having a very creative and modern design, sometimes helps, depending what kind of business you run. Pay attention to details, but don’t overdo it. Flashy things or massive amounts of information on the homepage tend to distract one’s eye and they’ll end up closing your website. Discreet, but creative design, smart layout and partial information on the homepage, will encourage the visitor to continue surfing your website.

Web Design Concepts

You must think of all the above before you start creating your website. If you decide to find a web design company to do it for you, then you should expect them to go through all these with you. Finding the right company to create your website can be difficult, especially with so many out there to choose from.