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Google’s Hummingbird Update and Its Effects on SEO Companies

Google’s Hummingbird Update. In September 2010, Google announced its biggest algorithm change in 12 years. Dubbed Hummingbird, it improves search results and aims to improve mobile and voice search results. According to Scott Huffman, a key engineering director at Google,

“Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query – the whole sentence or conversation or meaning – is taken into account rather than particular words.”

Does this new algorithm change SEO? Google says to keep your content original and high-quality and your search results should only improve.

High Quality Content

Google has long complained about poor quality sites and content on landing pages. Hummingbird is a push by the search engine giant to get better search results and push website owners to create content that is knowledgeable and what users need. This is not just a plus for SEO but also for sales conversions. If marketers can better answer their consumer’s needs it results in higher sales and brand awareness. This desire by Google for content follows the trend of the past year and into 2014, of online marketers developing the highest quality of content.

SEO Tips for Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird UpdateHummingbird wants to pay more attention to matching long-tail queries instead of short-hand phrases. This will change how SEO words are determined. Instead of using keywords in titles and headlines, have your phrases match how people think and search. When testing SEO words use more complete titles as abbreviated phrases will be left out of searches. Google’s thought process is that voice searches will become more popular as people start asking their phones questions instead of typing their searches. Think of how someone might ask a question when putting together your SEO words. A good start may be to put together your most popular FAQs on a page on your website and also include them in your blog.

Mobile Marketing

Hummingbird is a response to Google’s desire to become more mobile. They anticipate people using their phone for searches and want to be prepared. This may increase your business mobile traffic as well as your SEO results. Mobile marketing is slated to be bigger than ever for 2014. Google is prepared to help drive traffic to your mobile site, is your mobile site ready?

SEO is Here to Stay

With Hummingbird’s advanced search features, some SEO companies feared that SEO was dead. On the contrary, Google has helped SEO campaigns by forcing high-quality, original content. Online marketers need to continue to concentrate their efforts on producing high-quality content that is implemented regularly and links to social media. To put together an SEO campaign for your business, contact an Atlanta SEO company.   Professional SEO firm in Atlanta search engine optimizers are capable of performing organic search engine optimization in order to increase your website ratings in search engine results.

Google’s Hummingbird Update

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