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Good First Impressions with an Accent Webs Website

Can you make good first impressions with a website? We believe that you can. This is Accent Webs’ first post, so we want to make a good first impression. We want to make this website one of your go-to places for web design and development solutions.

First ImpressionsWeb design has come a long way since the early days of the internet when only a few nerds and big companies had computers and websites when they did arrive were very simple and plain. People expect more from the internet these days and from their web designers too. They want to be entertained and informed, often at the same time and they look to the web designers to produce this for them.

Businesses also expect to make money from their websites. This means that a company has to keep its website up to date and looking its best all the time. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so it has got to be good.

How Do You Make Good First Impressions?

I am not the first to ask this question and I won’t be the last. I am not a psychologist, but I think that when it comes to the internet I know a thing or two… not everything, but a thing or two. So, how do you make good first impressions using a website? The easy answer to this is that you give your visitors what they are looking for.

What You Expect Compared With What You Get

A lot of the time when you meet someone for the first time you will have a little bit of knowledge about them before you actually have an introduction. Perhaps if you are in a professional environment you might have a file on that person or a verbal opinion of someone who has met them already. Likewise in a social encounter you will probably have the opinion of one of your friends as armour to guard against that first encounter.

You will Make a Good First Impression if…

In real life, you will make a good impression if you meet a person’s positive expectations. Online you will make a good first impression if you give your visitors what they are looking for and present it in an easily accessible, pretty and/or entertaining way. That is the simple way of putting it but this is also a good way to sell products online and offline. One of the great things about the internet is that it is much easier to target your advertising efforts towards your intended market.

After all, look at most T.V. advertising. How many of the ads that you saw on the television is targeted to your needs and wants? Very few. But, they do try to target their ads to the type of people who they think will both buy their products and watch a particular type of program and that is not an easy task. Ok, advertising toys during children’s programming is a no-brainer, but how do you separate out the types and categories of adults watching their shows. Not easy.

Search engines on the other hand automatically target or at least try to target people who are looking for a particular topic. People enter a search term and the search engines do their best to produce the best and most relevant result for that search term. You are hoping that your website is in there near the top. What you do not want is the have people who are not interested in your topic landing on your website. It just annoys people and leaves a bad impression. That is why Google has a measure of Bounce Rate, but more about that in another post.

What are your visitors looking for?

In a way, you are in control of what visitors to your website are looking for. Are you surprised to hear that? The reason you have some control of this is that you have produced the website and its content. Therefore, the people who visit your website should be looking for what is there. If you did a good job when creating the content of your website, the search engines will be aware of its topic, content and purpose and will, therefore, show your website to the people who are already looking for it or at least one very like it.

An example. If you are selling computers and accessories, you will want to rank well in the search engines for search terms (keywords) related to computers and accessories. If your pages are filled with quality content about computers and accessories, there is a very good chance that the search engines will realize this and send visitors who have used these search terms to find what they are looking for. So you get lots of visitors looking for what you are offering. It makes sense, right.

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